We thought we saw everything this summer, but no. Wednesday morning blew up the news that Yevgeny Medvedev is returning to the group Eteri Tutberidze . First, the information was confirmed by the deputy head of the Khrustalny skating rink Eduard Aksenov and the head of the Sambo-70 school, Renat Laishev. Eteri herself did not stand aside: “ No loud promises. We just work, “- posted on Instagram a joint photo with the figure skater Tutberidze .

At the test skates, Zhenya looked sad. And it’s not about the form and the unsuccessful rental of the free program. It was sad to see the cheerful and friendly teams of Mishin, Plushenko, Tutberidze and Evgenia, who walked alone on Megasport, talking with her coach on the phone. She had no one even to hand over skate covers and a jacket on the eve of the rental. Moreover, these talks about a sore back and not the most successful performance of the free program, which in some way confirmed these rumors.

In general, Medvedeva found herself in a difficult situation, while not being able to work on-site with her coach Brian Orser due to the situation with the pandemic. And then this transition! “SE” made out point by point whether Evgenia is doing the right thing, returning to his former coach.

Pros of the transition


Returning to “Khrustalny” for Evgenia is like coming to our parents’ house after a long separation. Many athletes came to the Tutberidze group at a conscious age, and Evgenia has been working with Eteri since childhood. In the ambiguous position in which Medvedev is now, getting back into the home atmosphere is probably the most correct decision. This is confirmed by the reaction of representatives of the coaching staff of Tutberidze. The first to speak was the choreographer of the group Alexei Zheleznyakov, sharing a rare picture on the Vkontakte social network. “I am very happy with this event, I have always loved and respected Zhenya as my own daughter. Welcome back to the family, to the origins, ”wrote Zheleznyakov.

Special attitude of the coach

Everyone knows about the warm relations between Eteri and Evgenia, which were before Medvedeva’s departure. And, once the decision was made to turn everything back, then the conflict is over. The coach and the student finally forgave each other if there was something to forgive. This can be judged from the words of the skater herself:

– I am very grateful to Brian for his understanding and the work done. We start with Eteri Georgievna training. We will work and try to show the maximum possible result, – the site of the FFKKR quotes the words of the athlete.

So we can expect the same warmth and maximum return from Tutberidze. It is known that in Canada figure skaters work independently, coaches only give recommendations. This method is probably not for Eugene. She now needs someone who will correct the mistakes that she has not gone anywhere. And in “Khrustalny” they know how to do it. In the free program, Medvedeva fell from her, perhaps, the most problematic element – the triple lutz. And not everything is great with the axel. This is where tight control from the coach comes in handy.

Eugene’s programs this season are bright and interesting. But she needs to get in shape and clean out all the flaws. Due to the impossibility of returning to Canada, a specialist had to be sought in Russia. And who can help here better than Eteri, who has known Medvedev since childhood? In addition, this is a new challenge for Eteri Georgievna. Medvedeva will be the first star adult figure skater in her group in a long time. It’s time to prove to the whole world that Tutberidze can work not only with juniors.

Ultra C Expert

With Tutberidze, Medvedev can make an old dream come true – a quadruple salchow. We know about conversations about the setting of this ultra-s element with Brian Orser, but Eteri Georgievna has a whole conveyor of athletes who consistently perform quadruple jumps. Yes, Zhenya is already an adult girl, but this does not prevent her from learning the quadruple. Medvedev is only two centimeters taller than Tuktamysheva, who has learned a quadruple sheepskin coat. The right approach is needed here, and it seems that everything can work out with Eteri. There is nothing to do without complications with ultra-si elements in modern female solitary. You can take a slide a la Carolina Costner, but this is not enough.

Medvedev is burning with skating and wants to return to the elite. Have you seen her face, emotions, during the short program at the test skates? She wants to continue skating. It pleases her. But it is unlikely that an ambitious figure skater will be enough just to skate and compete – no one canceled medals and titles. And the dream of Olympic gold may just remain a dream. But in order to achieve the goal, you need to complicate the ride and try something new. It doesn’t matter what comes out of it. For two years with Orser, there was only the bronze of the World Championship. Ultra-si did not appear in the arsenal. As time goes on, the Olympics are getting closer.

Risks of transition


Medvedeva returns to Tutberidze not only with new experience, but also with problems. She herself did not talk about these problems, but it is obvious that they exist. Evgenia suffered from her back even before leaving in 2018. And here the situation has clearly worsened. If in Canada no one drove her and did not squeeze all the juices, especially in the last six months, when there were no trainings as such, then in Khrustalny they will work with her differently. Will the back of the two-time world champion withstand such loads?

I doubt that Tutberidze will work with Medvedeva carelessly or will show some kind of condescension. Therefore, Eugenia’s health is a big risk. It is likely that in Canada, Medvedev, in the absence of hard loads and control, could continue to ride. And here, at the risk of injury, she can end her career much faster.

Two strong personalities

Tutberidze is used to working with young figure skaters and raising champions from them. Now everything is changing – she gets an adult athlete, a great champion and an established personality. Will Eteri Georgievna be able to work with Medvedeva now? In childhood, there were other ambitions, goals, a different body. She is now an adult.

There is no doubt that Tutberidze has an approach to children. But whether she will find an approach to the adult Medvedeva is a question. There were already misunderstandings between them, which were discussed by the whole country. What is the likelihood that this situation will not happen again? Evgenia’s conflict with the positive Brian Orser is extremely difficult to imagine. But with Tutberidze, from which many athletes left, it’s easy.

Expectations too high

Both from Evgenia and from Tutberidze now everyone will be waiting for the result. Olympics, medals, victories, everything. Any failure will be met with hostility. For both of them, this is a lot of pressure that will interfere with their work. It was hard for Medvedeva even without this after moving to Canada, and now it will become even more difficult. Both the coach and the student will have to jump over their heads. Transcend ourselves. The emotional skating of the free skate at the 2018 Olympics is remembered.

A soul was put into that image. Tutberidze herself spoke about this. And now it takes even more effort. Do something that can outshine the image of that Anna Karenina performed by Medvedeva. C is false to say what will come out of this transition. But I would like to express the hope that this time there will be no conflicts. Only love, peace, figure skating and Khrustalny. Let Tutberidze give the world a new Medvedev. We’ve seen this once.