The Olympic champion in athletics talks about the Olympic champion in figure skating. At the weekend in Moscow, control skates of the Russian national team will be held. And on Tuesday, the beginning of the filming of the new season of the Ice Age project became a kind of precursor to them. In his attitude there is skepticism on the part of many fans – they say that this show and in general has a distant relationship to sports. But this year the project is uniquely special. If only because one of the skaters of the Russian national team participates in it, which is declared for the very control skates – Alina Zagitova , who has become the presenter. The jury is also solid – in addition to the well-known figured public: Tatiana Tarasova , Alexei Mishin and Tatiana Navka Sergey Lazarev and Elena Isinbaeva .

The Olympic champion in pole vaulting shared her opinion about the work of Zagitova in the frame and the possibilities of combining this work with the continuation of her sports career.

What are your impressions of your work as a judge during the Ice Age?

I really like this project, I want to sincerely congratulate Ilya Averbukh on this wonderful job. 10 years ago the project came to us in Volgograd, still at the inception stage. Tatiana Navka then, it seems, was not, but there were other eminent figure skaters. It is very pleasant to see how everything blossomed. “Ice Age” is becoming a platform for the PR of new, perhaps still unknown artists. It’s cool that sports and art are intertwined. And I am pleased to judge this whole season, so you will see me more than once.

By the end of the “Ice Age” Alina will be revealed

Was it hard to make decisions as a judge, to give marks?

No, it’s easy enough for me, because I abstract myself from any personal sympathies or hostility, I judge specifically, on business, objectively. I think my 6.0 will be very hard to earn.

Many have noticed that you have really tough marks against the general background in the jury.

Well, firstly, these are debut skates, the judges also got to know the participants, watched what they would show after two or three months of training. Naturally, at the next skating we will judge even harder, because they will have more time. We expect miracles from some couples, some couples must confirm the high level that was announced today. So the season promises to be hot and interesting.

Unusual presenter this season – Alina Zagitova. How do you like her work on this side of the barricades?

Since Alina just recently entered the Faculty of Journalism, this is an ideal practice for her. The project will last three months, and she has a great chance to immediately try herself as a journalist, to see what it is like from the inside. How to look clearly into the camera, listen to information from the director in the ear. Although today she was a little worried, the words were confused, but by the end of the “Ice Age” Alina will reveal herself, show her full potential. She managed to achieve the Olympic medal with hard work, obviously. Likewise, she can achieve success in journalism through hard work.

Zagitova and Medvedeva complement each other

Really combine journalism and sports?

Everything is real. The main thing is desire, opportunities. Alina has achieved everything that is possible in figure skating, and now she has every right to devote her life to what she likes.

Do you manage to follow figure skating? Do you watch a lot of competitions?

To the best of my ability – yes. I am friends with many skaters, thanks to the project. We met Ilya Averbukh a long time ago. But today I especially watch the dance couple Tiffany Zagorski – Jonathan Gurreiro. They have not yet shown good results, but I really hope that in the coming seasons, including the Olympic one, they will nevertheless show themselves. I believe that Tiffany will stop hurting, and finally they will firmly stand on their skates and show everything they are capable of. Of course, everyone followed Alina Zagitova at the Olympics, and so did I. I watched with interest Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitry Solovyov, Tatyana Volosozhar with Maxim Trankov – generally my favorite couple. In Sochi, I was in the stands, rooted for them and was immensely happy when they won gold. In general, the world of figure skating is becoming close to me. Not yet family, but I am sure that in three months we will become related.

Director of “Sambo-70” Renat Laishev said that Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva could lead the “Ice Age” together. How do you like the idea?

I don’t know, but it seems to me that when a show is hosted by a man and a girl, it’s a great combination. Even from an aesthetic point of view, it looks very harmonious. But if Evgenia and Alina were together, then this would also be a successful tandem. Evgenia communicates well with the press, she has a speech. They would calmly complement each other.


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