Former captain of the Russian national team Ekaterina Bobrova came to visit the editorial office of SE the day after the world of figure skating turned the news about the return of Evgenia Medvedeva to the coach Eteri Tutberidze . Talking to our journalists and viewers of the Youtube -channel SE, Bobrova urged everyone to be patient and not to make premature conclusions.

– Did you communicate with Medvedeva after the transition? What kind of mood is she in?

– I will not reveal all the cards – she is doing well. Zhenya said: “Let’s see!” (laughs) Now it is difficult to comment on everything that happened in large-scale expressions. Therefore, we will observe this situation from the outside.

Medvedeva takes time to exhale

When preparing for Tutberidze, an athlete gets under heavy loads. Given Medvedeva’s back injury, can she expect a special approach?

Eteri Georgievna has a strict approach. But if it continues to produce results, why change it? On the other hand, in 2018, Zhenya left this specialist for certain reasons. I don’t want to admit careless statements lest they misunderstand me … Stock up on popcorn, and I’m sure that we will definitely hear about this duet.

It’s a shame that we won’t see Medvedev at the Russian Cup in Syzran?

This was objective, given the form in which Zhenya appeared at the box office. But I see perspective in her programs. After the transition, they will probably change something, given the level of form and Zhenya’s injury. Perhaps they just took a little longer to get ready. Now the situation is non-standard, because everyone was counting on the stages of the Grand Prix. Previously, the Russian Cup stages were treated like this: if you come, it will be great. They were used as a warm-up step for the season. And now the Cup is a necessary story to get to the national championship. The Federation has made this very strict.

I hope that exceptions will be made for the stars of our figure skating, and Zhenya will be able to perform at the other two stages. Now she takes time to breathe out, heal all injuries, start exercising normally, think about programs and with her team make a plan of action.

Is it pointless for Medvedeva to go to the Canadian Grand Prix now?

This season is not clear for everyone. Nobody knows what will happen next. It is definitely impossible to travel to Canada now, as well as to many other countries. It is unlikely that the borders will be opened tomorrow. Athletes who are nearby or who have the opportunity to come to the venue of the competition will count on the Grand Prix stages. I am afraid that at the Russian stage we will not see either the Japanese or the Americans.

In the new program, Zhenya will be strangely gracefully beautiful

You were on the second day of test runs. How do you like Medvedeva’s program, especially the free program?

It’s hard for me to judge, because I’m used to taking the whole program, along with make-up and costumes … For me, as a dancer, this is important. The program may be promising, but the costume will ruin the whole idea. I hope Zhenya will be guided by the Cirque du Soleil costumes.

They have a very large team working on every detail. Perhaps, at the test skates, Zhenya really got in the way of gloves. Be that as it may, I do not want to see in this program a standard figure skating costume – a dress in rhinestones or an ordinary skirt, but I want to experiment. Zhenya will certainly appear so strangely gracefully beautiful. Because Cirque du Soleil is always something out of this world, that’s why it’s so attractive.

And it seems to me that combined with a suit and better shape, it will be great. Maybe some elements will be revised. Maybe they will come up with something more interesting. Eteri Georgievna has a very strong group, including Danish director Gleichengauz, they will certainly complement this promising and original program.

Don’t wait for the program change?

I read that they leave both programs. And, if Zhenya likes it and feels comfortable, then why not?

Would you like to see Medvedeva’s “Wheel”? There is an opinion that if the shape is not yet ideal, then maybe you shouldn’t take acrobatic stunts yet …

This is interesting. The program Cirque du Soleil suggests somersaults and others moments. It is clear that if Zhenya, for no reason, suddenly made a “wheel”, it would be strange, but here it is in the subject. Although I am in favor of all the elements and jumps being one hundred percent ready. Because if you fail, it breaks the whole program. So, if Zhenya trains this element 100 percent, it will be great.

It is important that Medvedeva is comfortable

Is Medvedeva’s transition to Tutberidze a bet on the Olympics or something more local?

I probably won’t even touch on this, because I have completely different thoughts about what is happening now. For me, as a figure skater and cheerleader, Zhenya Medvedeva, it is important that she is comfortable. I want the transition decision to pay off. I want her to feel good and to perform well. There is no need to think about any competition yet. Let it remain in Zhenya’s head and in the thoughts of the group. I just urge everyone to watch, watch, hurt and worry.

Was Medvedeva comfortable in Canada?

I believe that two and a half years with Brian gave her a boost. This manifests itself in freedom, she already knows a different life, a different rhythm of training. Pilates and yoga appeared, and other exercises, which were not there before. It’s great when you can get acquainted with a different training style. She can take the very best from everything.

Do you think she benefited from the experience gained?

In Canada, there was no pressure that Tutberidze had. It’s difficult when you ride, and there are many other girls around you jumping quads. In Canada, Zhenya had nothing that could break her. In Russia, Medvedeva had less independence, and in Toronto she was with her mother, who did not control her so much. Zhenya herself decided what to do, what massage to go to, what to eat in the evening. It was becoming an independent person, which is good.

How will she now perceive Tutberidze’s severity?

We do not know how their relationship will turn out now, because this is also the first time for Eteri Georgievna that a high-class athlete leaves and then returns to her group. It’s the same with Zhenya for the first time. But she is the old and the present – these are two different people. For two and a half years, she has matured a lot, she has new interests. Something may have changed in the group.

Maybe Medvedev will somehow change Eteri Georgievna?

Let’s see! Well, how can you guess if only the first training session took place the day before. Nobody knows, they themselves do not know anything yet. Let’s wait for at least the first competitions in which Zhenya will take part.


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