Olympic champion Irina Rodnina, as always, is not shy about sharp statements. Last week Irina Konstantinovna won the elections again. True, not the State Duma deputies, but the President of the Figure Skating Federation of the Moscow Region. There were heated discussions, including financial opportunities and the role of parents in the training process. In the Moscow region, for example, parent committees with advisory functions will be created. After the unanimous victory, the three-time Olympic champion agreed to talk to the SE correspondent – and spoke about tolerance in figure skating, the unfulfilled desire to hold the Russian Cup stage and spoke harshly about the events around Alina Zagitova.

Dmitrov was ready to host the Russian Cup, but failed

After re-election, it is usually customary to ask about the program for the future. What problems need to be solved?

We have problems. There are many guys at the junior level, in dancing, singles, but at the adult level they do not stay long – they leave for Moscow or even leave for other countries. It turns out work is going nowhere, I want to stop it. After all, the Moscow region is the first region in Russia in terms of conditions, we have 64 skating rinks. And there will be more, now Plushenko is building another one, for example. We managed to streamline a lot, a few years ago we had competitions where children without medical clearance came, even the Charter was registered so that two pages were lost.

Does the National Federation help with resources?

They don’t help with resources, but we have good contact. It would probably be nice to help, but they have a general sponsor, what and how the federation spends money on, the management will soon report to the conference. Probably, there are important items of expenditure there, the team takes a lot of them.

I heard a story that the Moscow region wanted to host a stage of the Russian Cup. Is it true?

We had a proposal to hold the Cup stage, Dmitrov was ready. The administration of the city district even found the necessary funds, part of the costs were borne by the All-Russian Federation, part – by local organizers. Finding money was not easy, Dmitrov’s opportunities are incomparable with Krasnoyarsk, which could also host the stage.

Why didn’t it work out in the end?

Competitions of a high level, a large representation of participants was expected, they were going to be shown by Channel One. He has high demands on the television picture, and the palace in Dmitrov did not fit. What specific problems – I do not know, the channel voiced them by the FFKR, not to us. In my opinion, conditions are good there. It’s good that the federation has finally looked at the palace, which base, the hotel right opposite the arena. Maybe soon some kind of competition will be held there.

Zagitov should be removed from the national team

One of the main intrigues of the Cup was the question – will Alina Zagitova take part in it. But she withdrew from the test rentals in connection with employment in the “Ice Age”, while she did not announce her retirement. What is she waiting for?

A question for Alina herself and the federation. And partly – to the coach, if she still works with her. Zagitova is an adult. Her full right, like any citizen, to appear in any programs. She is already a professional athlete and earns this. Yes, the girl made her choice in favor of the show. This is such a commercial approach – after all, several hundred people will come to the box office, and gossip will begin about its form, and on Channel One it will be lit every week, while receiving a fee. But to be honest – she would have been smarter, she would have said that she was filming in connection with her studies.

Does this mean the end of your career?

Not a fact. We have had cases where people were absent for two seasons. Lipnitskaya , Sotnikova , the same Plushenko . Zagitova is far from unique. Any athlete of the Russian national team has an individual schedule, it is influenced by health and many factors, including the show.

Maybe then she shouldn’t be on the national team?

I agree here. Since this is the case, it is worth considering the withdrawal of Zagitova from the Russian national team. Let him take an academic leave, for example. But here the question is not for Alina, she has her own understandable interest, the question is for the employer, the federation and, to some extent, the coaching staff. If a mistake was made to include Zagitova in the national team, it’s probably time to fix her.

In principle, what are you expecting from the season? The intrigue will be up to par – who will survive without injury?

This season is definitely not easy for everyone. Now the professional skills of coaches and choreographers will be tested – how to prepare an athlete in difficult conditions. It seems to me that the technical level of the top five in each form is now relatively equal. And an increasing role is played by programs and creativity, as far as the production is spectacular. Figure skating is a television sport, although the camera does not show those who have natural speed, but pulls up the weak. And who will be weaker or stronger will help to decide the site https://mmu.ac.tz/, where professionals give accurate predictions for matches.

I do not see anything special in the work of Russian choreographers

Do you have any favorite programs from the last seasons?

I like all Hanyu programs, Canadians, French and Italians are very interesting in dancing. And individual programs of Chinese couples.

And not a single Russian surname?

I have seen enough of our programs to music from “Carmen” and “Nutcracker” for my sports activities. If you take this kind of music, you have to put on something unimaginable. But the classics of ballet are very easy to take – no need to tell the story of Don Quixote, everyone knows it. Ballet music is written underfoot, that’s why it is convenient. It is much more difficult to take symphonic works.

Do Russian choreographers work the same way? Here, “Khrustalny” receives good components, and hence the productions of Daniel Gleichengauz.

Components do not represent the quality of creativity. As for the Russians, I didn’t see anything so special with them. This is my view. I am always afraid when music affects an athlete, and an image is already embedded in it. I think the skater should give us his interpretation. Another factor is the rejuvenation of sports, especially women’s single skating. It is difficult to expect bright personality from 14-15 year old girls. I remember being told when I was 17 – look at Belousova and Protopopov. But they were 10 years older than us, they had gone through so much that they could show what they had experienced. There is a professional work of a choreographer who has to do the production. If he does it well, then questions to the skater. But when I see it bounced its jumps apart from the program …

Russia is about jumping, not choreography.

There were other times as well. It’s just that recently, in women’s single skating, we began to pay a lot of attention to jumping. Yes, we can do it. Because it is necessary to compete in conditions when judges have bias against our athletes. We are among the leaders, and the leader is always paid 10 times more attention. Who is the leader – the students of Tutberidze , Moskvina , Mishina or someone from abroad – is not so important.

Now everything is normalized in jumps, I already know when what will be. In our time, there was more freedom in the free program. And when I see the wonderful jumps of Zagitova, and indeed of the majority of Russian women, and then the junior skating in a combination of steps, I feel an imbalance. Yes, she punctually does everything that was delivered. But it does not fly in this slide as it does in a jump. I’ve seen the greatest riders – Cranston, Wood, Browning, Boytano. They all fit into the program. And here I see how the rules dictate a purely mathematical approach to the elements.Let’s make eight twizzles, four choctaws, ten constrictions. I do not like this. And after all, many elements take not four seconds, like a jump, but standardized segments of 10-15 seconds are obtained!

But most people don’t understand this. Therefore, there is an opinion of people who have gone through this, one more opinion from the judges who consider it, and the third – from the public. Which is absolutely normal. But it is necessary, as it is now fashionable to say, to be tolerant of each other’s opinions.

Are you for tolerance?

Yes, variety makes the sport unique. And we look at the twists. Maybe the skater did it, but I don’t like her position in the air? Wrong position of the free leg, knees stick out. And the costume matters. I do not understand how a child who has the thinnest limbs like an arthropod can wear a costume that does not match his body. He should emphasize the features of the program. If we talk about compositions, we have a huge fund of Soviet music. Why not use it? I don’t understand the decision ISU to be allowed to ride with voice guidance. Of course, if there are no internal resources to show the image, the voice will help you.

What about the same variety?

Can be done as in dancing. There is an original program, in which there is an obligatory part, and then we select music to the same rhythm.

You mentioned the difficulty of showing individuality among juniors, but this season we are forced to move to adults, in particular in the case of Kamila Valieva . It’s even harder at 14 than at 16.

Wait, but she was allowed to participate with adults only in the rentals! Give cutlets separately, flies separately. In our country, very often, juniors used to join the adult skates. Why not?

But why only her then?

The question is again to the federation. There is a management, Alexander Gorshkov, Alexander Kogan, there is a coaching council – we in our federation also just elected him. I don’t see anything underground here. Rentals are not competitions. But I don’t understand why athletes are allowed to the Russian championship, especially girls, about whom we know in advance – they will not be able to participate in the European and world championships. It is not right. Why compare what is not comparable? There are written rules ISU, and national championships should be held according to them. And if you cook your own sauce, the dish changes its taste.

I want to express my gratitude to our coaching staff Eteri Georgievna, Daniil Markovich, Sergei Viktorovich, Sergei Alexandrovich, Thank you for helping me rise when I did not have the strength for it, for never letting me give up, for believing in me and my success. An athlete’s victory is a coach’s victory! Thank you so much!

Posted by Kamila Valieva

Tutberidze has shown her professionalism many times

Since coaching skills will be decisive, is there an advantage for Tutberidze’s charges over those who went to Plushenko? Stability after all.

Any change has consequences, definitely. But some benefit from such an extreme shake-up, while others harm it. One cannot speak of an advantage. I saw how Tutberidze works only during official warm-ups. It’s not that they are hiding something from me, I just don’t know how everything happens from the inside in everyday life. But she showed her professionalism many times, and before the last world championship she showed the most powerful work of the coaching team with Zagitova. It can be seen how competently she was led to the tournament.

Considering that two months before the championship she had one of the worst rentals in her life.

Exactly. I know from myself – after the successful Olympics, the results cannot but fall. That incident showed what lessons the staff can learn from mistakes. The beetle said: “Only a fool makes the same mistake twice.” In sports, being wrong about one thing twice is an impermissible luxury.

Do you believe in Plushenko’s coaching talent?

Any talent takes time. It is more difficult for a big athlete to become a coach, because the attention to him is immediately maximum. Yes, experience helps, but these are different professions. It takes time to become. Coaching is not only about teaching triple jumps, but a colossal psychological and pedagogical training. And sometimes even the results can be excellent, but not everything is all right inside, as experience shows. I wish all coaches and athletes to cope with the psychological stress that will be this season.


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