If the control skates are so eventful, then it’s scary to think about what the season itself will be. Even between the end of the short program and the start of the free program, completely unexpected intrigues arose.

Kostornaya doesn’t have a custom one ready

This morning, after the fiery first day, it was announced that Alena Kostornaya was removed from the rental. The European champion received information about the unpreparedness of arbitrariness yesterday evening. In an interview with the website of the Russian Figure Skating Federation, Evgeni Plushenko did not invent a story about injuries and spoke frankly about the “dampness” of the free skate:

– Alena’s free program is still raw, so we skated only a short one. It’s unrealistic to prepare and show both programs in such a short time that Alena came to us.

Alena’s free program is staged by She-Lynn Bourne via Skype, remotely. It was my idea to try with She-Lynn, immediately contacted her by phone. We have known She-Lynn for a long time, she agreed with pleasure. Of course, She-Lynn would have come to us, staged and worked in Moscow, but because of the pandemic it did not work out, I had to start the production remotely. I think when all restrictions are lifted, we will definitely invite She-Lynn to Moscow, – said the new skater coach.

Probably, there really is no need to look for a conspiracy here, but it so happened that Kostornaya is filming after yesterday’s tough speech about Eteri Tutberidze , while officially representing Sambo-70, the Khrustalny branch. One way or another, Alena will no longer be able to continue debriefing today. Let’s just say that yesterday in Alena’s speech there was not even a hint of withdrawal. I didn’t manage to make out the skating in the short program there too.

Kostornaya is not in vain declared for the last two stages of the Russian Cup, but in order to delay the time of the first start as much as possible. Whether Bourne will have time to arrive in Moscow before November 8 is doubtful. But there will certainly be more time for staging.

– Alena did not withdraw from the box office, we planned to skate only a short program and were not preparing to perform in an arbitrary program, – Evgeni Plushenko said in an interview with RIA Novosti. – Due to the fact that we have only recently started working together, it takes time. The short one is ready, the free one is being completed. If we all remember, Kostornaya came to me just a month ago. Came in zero form, so we started from the very beginning.

Medvedeva’s injury

While there is no talk of the official withdrawal of Evgenia Medvedeva , but it is possible. On the sidelines, there is talk of a 20-year-old figure skater’s serious back injury, she skates through pain. If everything is so dramatic, then even yesterday’s hard-to-land jumps can be considered a feat. As in principle, continuing a career. In the mixed zone, it was clear that Evgenia was in discomfort, but she did not say a word about the injury.

Medvedeva has her next competition in a week, so it would be absolutely logical to take care of yourself on Sunday. Especially if Brian Orser’s ward wants to continue performing and still win the first stage of the Grand Prix this year since 2017 – and she can take the Canadian Grand Prix.

Events around Trusovaya

Yesterday, many noticed that Alexandra Trusova was rented not by Sergei Rozanov, but by Dmitry Mikhailov. With him, she left Megasport, and on foot through the usual exit, and not by car.

This may indicate the veracity of the information that has been circulating on the forums for several days – there is some misunderstanding between Alexandra and Sergey. Considering that they went to the Plushenko Angels together, this is unpleasant news for Plushenko’s team. However, the academy’s coaching staff is extensive, and Trusov can be adequately prepared for the Russian Cup by divorcing her with a specialist. And there, you see, in a common compartment on the way to Kazan and make up.


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