The return of Medvedeva to Tutberidze is an event of scale far beyond figure skating. It can be compared with direct transfers of CSKA players to Spartak or vice versa. Right before the derby.

What is happening is shocking, thousands of fans are simultaneously trying to pinch themselves more painfully in order to regain their sanity. However, one person in the beautiful city of skyscrapers Toronto, at the time of the wave of publications about Medvedeva in Russia, probably did not even wake up and did not know about what happened in distant Moscow. His name is Brian Orser .

True, according to the skater herself, he was aware of and reacted to the decision “with the deepest understanding and approval.” Medvedeva, in an interview with Channel One, thanked the Canadian for the work.

Eteri Tutberidze recently shot posts on Instagram, in which she discussed in every possible way the enticement of athletes to other schools. What happened now?

Information about who initiated the initiative varies. It is very likely that Evgenia herself came out on Tutberidze. However, the director of “Sambo-70” Renat Laishev publicly voiced a different point of view:

– This is not only my initiative, but the entire school administration and the director of “Khrustalny”. It’s not just about Medvedeva. It is necessary to humanly bring together and be friends. As in a family, sometimes half a step is not enough for reconciliation. Tutberidze with character, girls are embarrassed to ask back. Everything can be solved, – quotes the head of TNV Laishev.

What is this if not poaching? The incident suggests that the personnel battle between Angels Plushenko and Khrustalny has just begun. And “Khrustalny” has plans to collect its skaters, like Russian lands. Competitors spurred on.

But what does Orser look like in this situation? The Canadian just yesterday gave an interview to RIA Novosti, in which he was habitually open, although not particularly positive. He told about Eugenia’s injury, but at the same time voiced his focus on the future:

– She needs to recover from a chronic back injury. It looks like this is really a problem at the moment. The performance at the box office was below her level. It was so hard trying to train from such a long distance. She definitely needs her usual riding routine, general physical training, training and so on. I honestly don’t know how we can handle this. She misses our training program here at Cricket, but the planet has other plans for us at the moment, Orser said.

Evgenia herself only on Sunday said in the mixed zone of Megasport: “I hope Brian will give me a day off on Monday.” But she clearly did not miss Toronto. Has something changed in one day? I think nothing. Most likely, Evgenia already knew her real future by the time of the test skates. Whether Orser knew is a debatable question, because then the meaning of the post-rental interview is not clear. Is it correct to go like this?

Russian coaches talked a lot this summer about contracts for regulating transitions, about the need to protect their profession. But apparently, we do not intend to defend our Canadian colleagues. The transition took place four (!) Days before the first competition of the season – the Russian Cup stage. Or maybe, if the “drain” had not happened, Evgenia would have arrived in Syzran with a phone from which Orser’s smiling face would have looked.

The transition can be a strengthening for both Medvedeva and Tutberidze – at least in terms of image. Now it is important for Evgenia to start progressing on the ice. But even her possible miss out on the 2022 Olympics and the end of her career in fourth or fifth places in the Russian Championship will not be a failure for the coaching staff. It will always be possible to say about injuries, and the talk that Tutberidze can only work with juniors is irrelevant here. Completing a career with dignity is a feasible task.

But it seems that after Medvedeva’s departure, it is Orser who may become stronger.


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