The two-time world champion will again work with the coach, whom she left with a scandal two and a half years ago. Figure skating fans are taken aback by the deadly news – Olympic medalist, two-time world champion Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva returns to the group of coach Eteri Tutberidze , under whose leadership she worked the entire Olympic cycle before Games in Pyeongchang. RIA Novosti was the first to report this today.

Two and a half years ago, Medvedeva broke up with her mentor in a bad way. The strained relationship persisted to the last. If in figure skating it was possible to find some kind of antagonism, then it is Medvedeva and Tutberidze. At least it seemed so from the outside. That is why all the media, without exception, published the news from the test skates: “Tutberidze applauded Medvedeva after the free program.” After three claps.

No official information yet

Deputy head of the Khrustalny skating rink Eduard Aksenov, in a conversation with SE, confirmed the truthfulness of the information:

– Yes, the information has already appeared, there is no point in denying it. Evgenia returned to Tutberidze, it’s true. How did it happen? You’d better ask Evgenia and Eteri Georgievna.

The figure skating federation of Russia has no documents on the transition yet, the president of the organization, Alexander Gorshkov, told SE. However, there is no need to go anywhere. Formally, Medvedev is already a member of Sambo-70. Tutberidze was even listed as Evgenia’s coach before the stage of the Russian Cup in Syzran on the Sport Around website, where applications are published. It turns out, not in vain. So much for the applause at the rental. Here is a joint photo of Tutberidze with Tatyana Tarasova, who previously spoke harshly about each other in public and on the sidelines.

TASS agency adds that Medvedev and Tutberidze met and discussed the situation, and the coach agreed to take the former student back. Today, the skater will skate in “Khrustalny”. The question of participation in the stage of the Russian Cup in Syzran is open. But here the question is rather in the old back injury, which continues to torment Evgenia.

What does this mean

After such news, the competitions themselves in Syzran fade into the background. It is clear that Evgenia’s strong-willed decision is a bet on the Olympics. She wants to return to her optimal shape by 2022, and she has a year and a half for that. Apparently, the pandemic broke the game for many here too. Medvedeva returned to Moscow – and no matter how they told us about the notorious Facetime, distance training under the supervision of the current coach Brian Orser, it was all a screen. The Canadian remains in the past – it is unrealistic to control the ward by video link. Unless Tutberidze and Orser will work with Medvedeva together, which is impossible to believe. However, after this off-season, you can already believe in any turn. A weak performance at test skates was already a trigger.

For the third time in three months, the world of figure skating is turning upside down. What will happen to the fans of Zagitova and Medvedeva now? All these years, the massacre in social networks has been built on the hatred of two skaters, two teams on opposite sides of the ocean. How will Medvedeva’s return affect the other, younger skaters in the group? Under what conditions did Evgenia go, will the two-time world champion have the right to the lists of non grata training partners that Alena Kostornaya allegedly put forward? In Sambo-70, when it comes to leadership, they have always liked Medvedeva more than Zagitova.

Sources of “SE” differently evaluated the transition. Some of the coaches believe that this delaying the obvious end of a career and the skater will no longer save. Others – that it gives a chance to restore the technique if everything is normal with health.

But the main thing is that Evgenia and Eteri acted like two smart women who put aside the story with leaked correspondence and publicly expressing grievances. It is unlikely that this will ensure progress in technology and will bring a scattering of quads. But then he closes the story with Evgenia’s defeat in Pyeongchang, which is very important for the so-called “legacy”. Will he open the story with Beijing – we’ll see.

Everyone asked: “Will Zagitova return?” Medvedeva returned. With this absolutely unpredictable drama, the current figure skating is wonderful.


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