A new scandal in Russian sports, now the famous figure skater has distinguished himself. The eventfulness in the world of figure skating is going through the roof this week. It seemed that after the return of Evgenia Medvedeva to Eteri Tutberidze nothing else could seriously surprise. The bar is raised too high. However, a day later, an athlete was found who was able to shock no less. You’ve probably heard her name – Maria Sotskova. The same vice-champion of the world among juniors and youth Olympics. Participant of the 2018 Adult Games.

TASS reported that the 20-year-old athlete was disqualified for 10 years. This is an absolute record for world figure skating. And in Russia, only Ekaterina Yuryeva has more – a biathlete for a relapse of EPO (the worst thing in cyclic sports) was given 12 years.This is definitely terrible news for Sotskova’s fans, who followed the competitions with her participation and placed bets on the Parimatch website parimatch.co.tz/en. So why could Sotskova be so guilty?

Third disqualification in our riding in two years

A TASS source said that Maria missed the doping test and tried to explain it with some kind of health problem. And she even provided a certificate. In theory, after that the flag should have been removed. However, RUSADA officers found out that the certificate was fake. Anti-doping law fraud and forgery is worse than any steroid. And Sotskova also has a “forbidden” in one of the samples. This combo led to such severe punishment.

For the athlete herself, it is hardly very important: she would have been given two years or 22. In the summer, she ended her career. Then everything was arranged as a transition to another stage of life, a change of priorities in favor of family life. Now it is clear what the real reason was. And this is just a crushing blow to Sotskova’s reputation.

First, she tried to deceive everyone. Consciously. This is serious in itself.

Secondly, she framed the coaches with whom she worked and cast a shadow over the entire Russian sport. Maria was the third number after Medvedeva and Zagitova at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. She is one of those whom the IOC commission, after a huge number of checks, recognized as clean – and gave admission. Unlike dozens of our other athletes. And now it is. What kind of doping was found in her sample is still unknown. But there have been so few disqualifications in the history of figure skating for violation of anti-doping rules that you can count on the fingers of one hand. Here are just three of them – Russian. Alexandra Koshevaya and Anastasia Shakun got burned on prohibited diuretics. Now Sotskova is on the list of violators. Just a heaven for Western lobbyists of the doping system in our country.

Finally, thirdly, the athlete did not have the courage to admit what had happened during these months. Everyone makes mistakes, but if you find the strength to admit them, the perception is completely different. Maria just pretended that nothing had happened. As if this dark story could dissolve by itself. But it doesn’t work that way. And emergency closing of comments on Instagram won’t help matters either.

Federation has nothing to fear

The story with the fake medical certificate strongly resembles the situation with our high-altitude jumper Danil Lysenko. You probably know her, there is no point in retelling. As well as the fact that as a result of that incident, Russian athletics found itself in even greater isolation. To prevent ARAF from being closed down, Russia had to pay a € 6.31 million fine in August.

Figure skating such a fate, thank God, does not wait. The fundamental difference in the cases of Lysenko and Sotskova is that Maria was caught by her own – RUSADA. And the Federation has nothing to do with its fake certificates, even in theory. But this is perhaps the only positive in this whole scandalous and very sad story.


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