After adding to the group Eteri Tutberidze , Alina Zagitova will receive special attention. In all likelihood, the return of Evgenia Medvedeva hurts the prospects of returning for the Olympic champion. On the other hand, where did we get the idea that she would return to the “Khrustalny”? Even within Russia, there are schools ready to take it, and more than one. One way or another – for now we have to evaluate Alina’s progress as a leader. We asked Ilya Averbukh about the unusual employee of his project and about the transfer of the year at Khrustalny.

We are looking for a balance so that Zagitova develops like Medvedev did

Ilya, how do you like Alina Zagitova’s debut at the Ice Age as a host?

Alina is a great fellow. The work of the leader is a lot of work, it requires the development of speech, horizons, a variety of messages. Only amateurs think that anyone can take a microphone and call to the start. I like that Alina is a perfectionist in everything and makes the maximum demands on herself. She understands that she still has a lot to learn. But everyone helps, supports. Alina, as an Olympic champion, was given carte blanche. In the second episode, there was significant progress, we made work on the mistakes and gave Alina the opportunity to speak more. So we study together, we are looking for a balance so that it develops, as it was with Zhenya Medvedeva. She is on the project “Ice Age. Children “also grew from release to release.

So Alina’s workflow extends to the time outside of filming?

Of course. And even during filming. After each kiss-and-cry eyeliner, we tweak the details.

It seemed that even before and after the break, a lot has changed in one episode.

Yes, there was a change of course, we made a decision, gave Alina more freedom. It’s hard to control everything. But, in my opinion, the difference was obvious.

Did you expect it to be harder or easier?

I’m glad how Alina behaves. There has already been a stereotype that she does not like to give interviews, is laconic, closes in herself. There were such concerns. But I see that it’s not at all like that. She is ready to solo, she just needs support.

Can she make a great journalist?

It depends on what goals it pursues. If she follows this path, she has a journalistic future. The name is there, as are all the possibilities for it. You just need to learn, at some point only the name will not be enough. Everything needs to be learned. You can write nonsense on the Internet just like that. Everything else needs to be learned.

Alina is getting high

How does Alina organize her preparation outside of filming?

She does a lot. The teachers she works with help her through the “ear”. They tell her some things, formulate them, she lets them through herself. She is in close contact with the teacher, questions are discussed in advance. Today we just changed questions during the break, it was one of my wishes – that they are not only of a general nature. And as soon as Alina connected to what she sees, the process immediately took off.

How much of her improvisation in questions?

We give it a skeleton. But what was great this time – Alina began to add from herself. If at first she told us to voice everything to her, and she would keep her distance, then in the second issue she began to ask exactly what worries her. It is great that she is formulating the question the way the generation that follows us formulates it. “Ice Age” is already a cult program. We’re in our tenth season, fifteen years is a long way. And it’s great that the much-needed fresh breath comes also thanks to such presenters as Alina.

Does she like it herself? Is she getting high?

I think yes. It was when she realized that she was the presenter, who was leading the whole project, and not just a beautiful postcard. In fact, there were many presenters in the “Ice Age”. The first project was led by Zhenya Plushenko with Ira Slutskaya, she then led a long time with Marat Basharov. Among the skaters were Zhenya Medvedeva and Lesha Yagudin, who generally developed into a high-quality professional presenter, twice nominated for Tefi. I am very glad that my project not only gives breath to skaters, but also gives the children the opportunity to develop.

I would like the story of Zhenya and Eteri to end in victory

You must be asked about the main news, maybe even a year, of the pre-Olympic cycle. Evgenia Medvedeva returned to Eteri Tutberidze. What are your first impressions?

I certainly cannot say that this is the main news of the cycle. But I believe that this is a very correct and reasonable decision. And it’s very beautiful for a big movie script. The only thing I would add in this film, as in all Hollywood films, is that at the end there is some very significant victory. This is what I wish the girls, if I may say so. And Eteri Georgievna and Zhenya Medvedeva. Because she is a very big athlete and a very big coach. And it’s great that they are together now. I wish them only the best of luck.

You said about a great victory. Given all the competition, what could be a big victory for Zhenya?

Let’s be realistic and see what happens. Still, it should be borne in mind that Eteri Georgievna has her own exclusive training system, which has given us such a unique galaxy of talented girls who have delighted us for so many years. She collects them, raises them, and they perform. But let’s face it – athletes who leave this system cannot work in another.

Let me draw an analogy: there was Tikhonov’s greatest team – the Red Car. And many hockey players in perestroika times began to write letters that they were being squeezed, they were not released from the training camp, they did not see their families. The team collapsed, you can only feel nostalgic about it. Eteri Georgievna has her own recipe for victory. And I think that a return to those screws, screws in the scheme, to which Zhenya is used to, can play a role. Of course, both Eteri Georgievna and Zhenya will set great goals for themselves. Now this transition will be very important for Zhenya. Of course, in figure skating, a coach is not only a coach, but also practically a second mother.

You mentioned the exclusive training system. Is it applicable to Zhenya, given some health difficulties and his 21st birthday in November? Do you need a special approach?

Of course. I think that Zhenya is also returning with a lot of experience, she saw different methods. There will be a certain lapping. When Adelina Sotnikova came to Evgeni Plushenko, it was clear that this was more PR. And here I believe that both Eteri Georgievna and Zhenya set themselves real goals for real victories.


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