Olympic champion Natalia Bestemyanova – about test skates and the idea of ​​two age groups in women’s single skating.

The season of Russian adult figure skating opened in Moscow last weekend. In the Megasport palace, in the presence of several thousand fans, the figure skaters of the national team showed their programs. There were not many: someone starred because of injuries, Alina Zagitova – because of participation in the show. But the rest of the athletes delighted the fans. SE discussed test skates with Olympic champion Natalya Bestemyanova. She also expressed her proposal on a possible increase in the age limit in women’s single skating, personal contracts and the respect of athletes to their first coaches.

I am still impressed by Valieva’s rentals

Many people say that Mikhail Kolyada became the protagonist of the test skates in Moscow? Do you agree with this?

Yes, Misha did a great job. It is clear that he still needs to work on the complexity of the program. But the most important thing is that during the test runs we saw that he became more collected and reliable. His work with Mishin should give a good result.

Is Mikhail returning to the top of our men’s single skating and will again fight for the medals of the World Championship?

Hopefully, there is still a long way to go.

Among single girls, everyone distinguishes Alexandra Trusova and Kamila Valieva.

Of course, I don’t even know in what order to put them. In terms of technique, Trusova wins, but in terms of beauty and quality of skating, Valieva is an absolutely unique figure skater. It was the first time I saw her perform live and am still impressed. She was beautiful.

Is she able to become number one in the national team next year?

It’s very difficult to talk about such topics, we are all human. We do not know how it will grow and develop.

Who else made you happy?

I would not write off either Shcherbakova or Kostornaya. Anna looked great and showed a high level of technique. Alena is not yet ready to perform an arbitrary program, given that the skater has only recently moved to a new group. Therefore, we must give her a little time. Do not forget that last year she was absolutely the best in the world.

Everyone was terribly depressed when the World Cup was canceled

In general, what are your emotions after the test runs?

These are absolutely amazing feelings. In all types of figure skating, the guys showed that they move forward, work with great enthusiasm. It is a pity that there were no two leading pairs in ice dancing (Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov, Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin), but I am sure that they already have programs. It’s all about minor injuries. Soon we will see all the best at the stages of the Russian Cup.

Due to the new Grand Prix format, the Russian Cup stages will now be of particular interest?

Of course, we can only rejoice at the stages of the Russian Cup. Thank God they will. This is a great happiness, both for the athletes themselves and for figure skating fans. When the World Cup was canceled, everyone was terribly depressed. And for those who are engaged in our sport and for figure skating fans, many of whom live from start to start. God grant that all stages of the Russian Cup go according to plan.

What do you think about the possible raising of the age limit in women’s single skating from 15 to 17 years old.

I am a supporter of two age groups in women’s skating. One from 15 to 17, the second from 17 and beyond. To compete for Olympic medals in both groups. It is very interesting to watch girls who have gained experience at the junior level and are moving to adult competitions. Until the age of 17, they show fantastically rich programs. And after 17 (some even after 16) the body grows up and a different gloss is acquired in the programs, but the technique leaves a little. And after 17 years there should be other competitions. I don’t understand why the ISU still hasn’t reached this point. After all, this could attract both new fans and new sponsors to the World Championships, Europe, and the adult stages of the Grand Prix. This solution would be in the spirit of the times.

I want to express my gratitude to our coaching staff Eteri Georgievna, Daniil Markovich, Sergei Viktorovich, Sergei Alexandrovich, Thank you for helping me rise when I did not have the strength for it, for never letting me give up, for believing in me and my success. An athlete’s victory is a coach’s victory! Thank you so much!

Posted by Kamila Valieva

What will happen if ISU simply increases the age limit, and up to 17 years old girls compete in juniors?

If this happens, then the junior competitions will be followed by much more than the adults. The most difficult programs will be shown by juniors. It will be especially interesting to place bets on junior competitions, for example, like on the site https://parimatch.co.tz/sw/.

Federation should not get involved in the relationship between the skater and his coach

Another issue that is now causing discussion is the possible conclusion of personal contracts between an athlete and a coach. What do you think of this?

The idea of ​​contracts is more developed in team sports, but it can also be adapted for Russian figure skating. As far as I know, in the West, many coaches have personal contracts with their students, and it works there.

Do you need to somehow convey this idea to the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR)?

And what does the federation have to do with it? This must be an agreement between the coach and the athlete, which is very well-developed legally. So that both sides are protected in the event of some force majeure. No matter how respectfully I treat the FFKKR, it is a public organization. She should do the things that are regulated by the Charter: help athletes, hold competitions, develop youth and youth areas. The federation should not get involved in the relationship between the skater and his coach.

The transfers of Alexandra Trusova and Alena Kostornaya to the Evgeni Plushenko Academy gave rise to a wave of conversations that the two-time Olympic champion is not ready to raise his athletes, but is betting on ready-made skaters. Do you agree with this?

Wait, but tell me where their athletes are grown.

Can’t you say that about Khrustalny?

And ask in “Khrustalny” where did Kostornaya , Zagitova, Medvedeva come to them? Have they been studying there since the age of four and have grown to the top level? Most of the skaters who are at the highest level come to the Tutberidze group already with triple jumps ready. If I am wrong, I am ready to make a public apology. As far as I know, they have children’s groups, but from there very few people have reached the level of the national team.

Do not forget that Trusova joined Plushenko’s group also because Alexander Volkov trains there, who worked with her before Khrustalny. No one remembers Elena Zhigun, who taught Alena Kostornaya everything that she can do today, except for the triple axel. I’m talking about the quality of skating, the quality of jumps. It is clear that Tutberidze’s team developed these skills a lot after that. Amazing work. I admire the skill of this team, but do not forget about the coaches who brought the athletes to a certain level, thanks to which they were able to get to Eteri Georgievna. It is unrealistically difficult to get into the Tutberidze group. Therefore, children often come there with ready triple jumps.

My dear friends! In life, sometimes? the moment comes when you need to make responsible? step. This is necessary in order to go further, to new frontiers, to new achievements. This is not always a simple decision, but if everything is thought out and weighed, then you must go forward decisively and boldly, then nothing can stop you. I made a decision to start cooperation with Evgeny Viktorovich Plushenko on the next leg of the journey. Is he not only great for me? an athlete, but above all an outstanding personality and real? the person who ?, accepted all the challenges, withstood and won. I remain grateful? to their teachers, mentors and coaches who have worked with me? up to this point. I would like to thank Olga Mikhailovna Shchevtsova and Larisa Nikolaevna Melkova, who discovered wonderful ones for me. the world of figure skating, Alexander Sergeevich Volkov and Anna Vladimirovna Tsareva, and, of course, Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze, who, regardless of time and circumstances, literally gave me all the best and valuable that she had. I am sure that I will still have the opportunity to give my great coach more than one bouquet of her favorite flowers. I also thank Daniil Gleya Henhaus for the donated images and programs. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you to Sergey Viktorovich Dudakov for working with me ?, for kindness and decency. I am sure we will meet again and again and I will have the opportunity to tell him this personally. Special thanks to Sergey Rozanov for his work and faith in me. Does he say little about himself, preferring deeds and not loud words but without his painstaking ones? and honestly? work would not be my achievement? and victories. In the decisive one? moment he offered me his shoulder, is he mine? reliable? friend. Sincere thanks to the teachers of general education? schools “Sambo-70”, which tolerated mine? training? schedule and helped get an education. Dear friends, yet? times, thank you for your support and wishes for success. I am delighted to have the opportunity to communicate directly with you. I am waiting for everyone at my performances. I promise I won’t let you down!

Posted by Sasha Trusova

Indeed, the first coaches are remembered not so often …

There is a law. If you become an Olympic champion, then your first coach can receive the title of Honored Coach of Russia. Perhaps the coaches themselves should do this, but we all are modest. When I trained with Tatyana Anatolyevna Tarasova, I used to say at every corner who and when I trained.

Igor Borisovich Moskvin appeared in all the questionnaires that Igor Bobrin filled out when he moved to Yuri Ovchinnikov. One more example. Igor Bobrin himself staged programs as a choreographer for Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze, and for Irina Slutskaya. As a result, he received the title of Honored Coach of Russia. And it was not Bobrin himself who asked for this. This was done by the coach, who brought the skaters to major victories. Therefore, initially, those coaches who lead the top skaters should not forget those from whom they took these guys. Then this will not happen to them either.


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