FFKKR General Director Alexander Kogan – on Medvedeva’s removal and Sotskova’s shocking disqualification. From September 18 to September 22, Syzran will host the first stage of the Russian Figure Skating Cup. Men and women singles are scheduled for the weekend. The main star of the stage is Anna Shcherbakova, her main rival Evgenia Medvedeva withdrew from the start. The general director of the Russian Figure Skating Federation Alexander Kogan told SE about other intrigues of the stage, as well as the long-term disqualification of the silver medalist of the 2017/18 Grand Prix finals Maria Sotskova.

We are waiting for the final RUSADA verdict on Sotskova

Alexander Ilyich, what emotions did yesterday’s news about the disqualification of Maria Sotskova evoke?

What emotions can there be? It is not very clear why Reuters uses some incomprehensible sources that leaked information to them. When there is a final RUSADA verdict, then a meeting of the executive committee will take place, which makes a decision. Further – everything is in steps. That’s all I can say.

What are the expectations from the stage of the Russian Cup in Syzran?

Firstly, I am very pleased that both the city of Syzran and the sports palace are in such excellent condition and are ready to accept this stage, where the strongest athletes will compete. You know that some skaters starred for medical reasons, but sport is sport, life is life. We hope they will start training soon and will participate in the next competitions.

As for the expectations – those athletes-members of the national team who participated in the open skates, I think, here will show a higher level, more meaningful, because they threw out the first emotions on the audience after a long break. For sports, this is very fraught. We saw that someone had unsuccessful elements, falls, but I hope we will overcome it. In addition, there are a lot of athletes in all kinds from different regions who will be able to show what they are capable of, this is very nice.

We have different options where skaters can participate to qualify for the Czech Republic

Should we expect other removals, besides the already known three – Samarin, Medvedev, Tarasova / Morozov? The organizers have not issued starter lists yet, fearing changes to them.

They are right, because we are giving starting lists for those species in which the draw has already passed. Yesterday Yablokov starred due to illness. In a situation where there are many different infections, we can expect other withdrawals. But we hope that everyone who showed up will arrive.

Some Russian skaters have serious injuries. Are there exceptions for them if they still can’t recover by the end of the Cup?

We will make decisions at the executive committees, because the decision on the selection system was also made by the executive committee. We have different options where they can participate in order to still pass the selection. There cannot be such a situation that they do not participate in any stage.

Rumors persist about a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Do you have confidence that all stages of the Russian Cup will pass?

Here I would remember the saying: man proposes, but God disposes. It is hardly possible to say here whether there will be a second wave or not. We are trying to maintain the system of training and competition. For athletes to show results, it is a system that is needed, and not starts every five months. It won’t do anything. We are preparing to complete all five stages. Time will tell how it will turn out.


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