In figure skating in recent years, more and more people start talking about teams: “Tim Tutberidze “, Plushenko academy, group Mishina and so on. Rumor has it that Khrustalny and CSKA have been spying on each other for a long time, and sometimes the skaters are lured away. Of course, there has always been a division into coaching groups. But after the transitions of the current off-season, the confrontation between schools, and not specific specialists, has intensified.

If we increasingly think in terms of “Plushenko vs Tutberidze”, why not introduce a standings for clubs in figure skating? Whose school will be stronger at the end of the entire extensive Russian season – Plushenko or Tutberidze. Or maybe CSKA or some team unknown in the top tournaments that prepares children well at the primary level.

How to count?

This is the main question. Russian figure skating is not only a national team, but also hundreds of small competitions taking place on a daily basis. The reason for the start of the table was the holding on Monday of the second official tournament of the season – “Moscow Swallows”. For example, in the third sports category it was won by the former ward of Eteri Tutberidze, 8-year-old Elena Kostyleva, a girl with a unique history, who survived clinical death and jumped several triples. And the tournament was held according to an unusual scheme – athletes were launched into the palace according to an individual schedule, because of the coronavirus, it was possible to be at the rink for only one warm-up. Arrived early – warm up on the street.

Our table should reflect such competitions with little-known stories, and the Cup and Championship of Russia with Medvedeva, Trusova and other stars. The question is how much weight to give to each tournament category.

Since medals are considered to be an individual sport in figure skating, the easiest way is to introduce the 3-2-1 points system (for gold, silver and bronze). And then its weight depends on the status of the tournament.

We have divided tournaments into several categories:

1. Tournaments such as “Moscow Swallows”, conditional “For the prizes of Santa Claus” and the like, in which there are only youth or sports categories. There the scheme is simple: 3-2-1.

2. Tournaments in Moscow, where there is an offset according to the requirements of the CCM. For example, the tournament in honor of the 50th anniversary of “Sambo-70”, which will be held at the end of September. Accordingly, we multiply our points by two: 6-4-2.

3. Junior tournaments with city status. An example is the junior championship of Moscow, which opened the season. The odds are three: 9-6-3.

4. Adult tournaments with city status. In fact, it is one – the Moscow championship, while it coincides with the stage of the Russian Cup, but the city, for example, also hosts all-Russian competitions such as the Volkov memorial. You cannot equate them with the Russian Cup, but you cannot call them junior either. Points: 12-8-4.

5. Junior competitions of all-Russian status. This is the Cup of Russia in the category of CCM, the junior championship of Russia, possibly other tournaments – the season is unusual, and you never know where the curve of the calendar will lead us. 15-10-5.

6. Main category: All-Russian competitions. The adult Russian Cup, the Russian championship and probably the home stage of the Grand Prix. 18-12-6.

Whom do we count?

We understand that this scheme could not satisfy many. We proceeded from two factors: a subjective assessment of the tournament’s value and their number. The Russian Cup stage is six times more valuable than the conditional children’s tournament, because it is held about the same number of times.

However, we will separately count points for all-Russian tournaments and keep two offsets – Moscow and Russian. In order not to miss the St. Petersburg schools in particular. Mishin’s “Star Ice” or the SSHOR represented by Dmitry Aliev cannot compete on equal terms with Moscow schools at Moscow competitions. And in St. Petersburg this season the calendar is meager, and even with an 18+ marker. Minors are still not allowed to ride. But at the level of all-Russian competitions everything is fair – Moscow and St. Petersburg are equal.

Finally, we only count single players so far. If you voice your interest in couples and dances, we will make a separate credit for them. Moser vs Moskvin – there is also something to follow. But given the massiveness of the injuries and the unknown where Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov will perform, we will keep this option for now.

Finally, controversial points. We consider Kostornaya a figure skater of “Angels Plushenko”. Evgenia Medvedeva is a CSKA representative, as she trains at the club’s rink under the supervision of coaches who receive salaries from this organization.

Who is in the lead now?

As of September 15, two tournaments have ended in Moscow – we do not count test runs. This is the junior championship of Moscow (remember, there were three triplets Akatieva – Zhilina – Berestovskaya and Kovalev – Kondratyuk – Yablokov) and yesterday’s “Moscow Swallows” in Shcherbinka. Competitions were held there in six categories, we take only the strongest from guys and girls. Although the study of the protocols of even the third youth is delightful: the victories of such skaters as Christopher Kuznetsov, the results like 11 points for the free program – sometimes it is worth distracting from the quads. Khrustalny’s representative Kirill Zhurakhovsky took silver for them, which brought the team two points and brought the team closer to Angels Plushenko after the Moscow junior championship.

Behind the Moscow top-3 Plushenko – Tutberidze – CSKA is in full swing with life and many starts. Whether any of the small academies will be able to intervene in the distribution of seats at the top and become a kind of “Krasnodar”, as in Russian football, is also an intrigue. This intrigue will help you solve — the website with accurate forecasts from professionals. The three main academies, as you can see, have already come off, and will surely go tightly to each other all season.

The next tournament in the calendar will be the Russian Cup in Syzran, which will greatly change the alignment at the top.


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