We are trying to evaluate the past starts – carefully, a lot of numbers. And they are all unofficial.

Test skates at Megasport have become an event. Not so much because of some incredible shape of their participants – everything is just mediocre there, the girls all fell, some guys were almost injured – namely, by the density of information. Many events took place in Megasport, as if indicating the mood of the season. This is the fantastic return of Kolyada, and the rebuff of Kostornaya to the former coach and Alena’s removal from the free program, and the grave condition of Medvedeva . But there was a lot of detail left behind.

Tutberidze patted Evgenia – also an event. Sofya Samodurova filmed because of the temperature, which, if you turn on the corrosive mode, raises the question – how do thermal imagers work at the entrance to the arena? The star of the booth was Plushenko Jr., or Gnome Gnomych, who was walking with Yana Rudkovskaya, and Plushenko Sr. posed with a portrait of the President of Russia and Rene Fasel on the wall of the press center. Federation President Alexander Gorshkov apologized for the removal of the skaters – and this is a step for which one must express respect. The show of the rentals by Channel One by turning on three cameras simultaneously so that, for example, the emotions of both Tutberidze and Plushenko can be seen is also a wonderful experiment.

How can the results be calculated?

But still, the main question that fans inevitably discuss is who was the best? Once this year, the federation has refused even from unofficial estimates, let’s try to at least calculate the basic cost of those programs that girls presented in single skating. Initially, seven skaters participated in the skates, only five made it to the end. What do we count? Only completed jumps – the basic cost of the tracks differs slightly, and here you will have to decide what level to set, what we will not take upon ourselves. We are not judges of either the All-Russian or even the third category. It is much easier to see under-rotation by video replay.

In other words, we only count jumps. And everything is according to the rules – we reduce the base cost if there was an under-twist or a wrong edge. Drops and errors do not affect the base value, but we will separately write down the approximate loss of points so that you can determine the approximate picture yourself.

So, day one, short program. The skaters took to the ice in the following order:

Anna Shcherbakova – double axel, triple flip, triple lutz + triple rittberger (we suspect a slight under-rotation, at the q level, but it does not affect the base cost).
Kamila Valieva – triple flip, double axel, triple lutz + triple toe loop. Alena Kostornaya – double axel, triple lutz (with a heavy landing and probably undercool), triple flip + triple toe loop.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva – single axel (should have been triple), triple lutz, triple flip (and suspicion of a wrong edge).

Sofya Samodurova – triple flip, double axel, triple lutz.

Evgenia Medvedeva – triple rittberger + triple toe loop, double axel, triple flip (with step-out).

Alexandra Trusova – double axel, triple flip, triple lutz + triple toe loop.

Total Short Program Base Cost

1. Shcherbakova – 20.48

2. Valiev – 19.71

2. Trusova – 19.71

4. Kostornaya – 18.47 (ideally 19.65)

5. Medvedev – 18.23 (but you can subtract about 2.5 points in advance because of the step-out)

6. Samodurov – 15.09 (without a cascade, with him it could be under 20 points)

7. Tuktamyshev – 11.66 (without a cascade, with a triple axel it would have been 18.56, with a cascade more than 22 points)

Thus, if we take it by the net cost of the programs, Shcherbakova has a higher rate due to the rittberger in the cascade. At the same time, the performance was imperfect, and most likely, the technical assessment of the first three athletes after the first day would be approximately equal. Although in fact, due to the triple axel, Tuktamysheva has the most technically difficult program, but the lack of a cascade and a “butterfly” on the axel threw her to the virtual last place.

Free program changed layouts

Now is day two, free skate.

Alexandra Trusova – quadruple lutz (under-twist and fall), quadruple toe loop + triple toe loop, quadruple toe loop (landing with hand), double axel, triple lutz + triple rittberger, triple lutz + oiler + triple salchow, triple flip.

Kamila Valieva – quad sheepskin coat (fall), quad sheepskin coat + double sheepskin coat, triple rittberger, double axel, triple lutz + triple sheepskin coat, triple flip + oiler + triple salchow (with a difficult landing, which we will count as undercrank to reflect the score ), triple lutz.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva – triple axel (under-twist and fall), double axel + double sheepskin coat, triple lutz, triple flip (possibly under-twist), triple sheepskin coat, triple lutz in conjunction with a double axel, triple rittberger.

Anna Shcherbakova – quadruple lutz (looks like under-rotation, fall), triple flip + triple sheepskin coat, double axel, double axel, triple lutz + triple rittberger, triple flip + oiler + triple salchow, triple lutz.

Evgenia Medvedeva – triple flip + triple sheepskin coat, triple lutz (wrong edge and fall), axel half a turn (almost without breaking off the ice), double axel, triple salchow + triple sheepskin coat + double sheepskin coat, single flip, triple rittberger. And at the end there was a fall from the “wheel”

Alena Kostornaya and Sofya Samodurova starred.

Final results of arbitrary:

1. Trusov – 65.18 (we can deduct about 7-8 points for falls and mistakes. The maximum base value is 67.48)

2. Valiev – 56.26 (we can deduct about 5.5 points for the fall. The maximum base value is 57.12)

3. Shcherbakov – 54.78 (we can deduct about 5.5 points for the fall. The maximum base value is 57.08)

4. Tuktamyshev – 41.27 (we can deduct about 5 points for the fall. The maximum base value is 43.93, but there were no quadruples, not a single triple axel, so the resource for growth is huge)

5. Medvedev – 34.24 (we can deduct about 4.5 points for falls and mistakes, some elements were not executed. The maximum base cost is 44.00)


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