Russian figure skater, participant of the Ice Age project Dmitry Soloviev – about an unusual host of the project. On the starting project of the First Channel “Ice Age”, one of the most unusual partners of the Russian dancer, Olympic champion Sochi in team competition Dmitry Solovyov. He will perform with the pop diva Olga Buzova. In an interview with SE, he spoke about the influence of hype on training, the desire to return to sports and the debut of Alina Zagitova as a host.

We share figure skating and hype around Buzovaya in social networks

Dmitry, how are your impressions of the Ice Age debut paired with Olga Buzova?

In general, I really missed the performances, the attention to figure skating, so today I just enjoyed working with Olya. The nerve of the person you are working with is a very complex and curious thing. And it is very interesting to adapt to Olya, taking into account the state in which she was in training today. They are two different people. At the same time, she knows how to get together, and it’s cool when a person who has nothing to do with sports has the ability to get together, show her character in a completely unusual sphere for him. I am very proud of the work we have done.

You said two different people. What is the difference between training and performance?

In the nerves that are present, the excitement that we, athletes, have already learned to cope with, because we are here like a fish in water. And for people who are learning to ride, mastering new elements, of course, it is much more difficult to cope with the excitement and attention around.

Olga is probably one of the main hype masters in the country. Does this affect you in any way?

No, absolutely does not interfere. Still, we share training and social media activities. Going out on the ice, she works without being distracted by anything. Not afraid to go into difficult support, teaches new elements. In this regard, I don’t feel much pressure.

What’s your schedule? How many hours of ice per week?

We train 4-5 hours a day, if Oli’s schedule allows. She tries to find free time in her schedule, we get to work a lot of time, in fact.

It often happens that you have to train at night. Is this your case?

Both at night and during the day. We select the schedule so that we feel comfortable, so that we have a lot of time on the ice, so that nothing distracts, so that there is no ragged rhythm: we come, ride, leave, come again.

Ready to return to sports right now. Generally easy

You said you missed figure skating. Do you want to return to sports?

Generally easy. Right now. All the time of this pandemic, which was held by everyone in a closed, own world, I was out of town, constantly trained, worked on myself. He devoted a lot of time to physical health. It will not be difficult for me to return to the sport if suddenly something clicks, and there will be such an opportunity. Sport is always in full swing in me. The taste of inner excitement is something that does not let go of a single athlete who feels a struggle; every time you have to cope with it, overwhelm yourself at such moments. This is all very addictive, and I miss it. I have always said and say that the adrenaline that is in sports, I do not see anywhere else. But today, by the way, there was something similar. Such a pleasant excitement that I love to feel.

How are you finding a partner? It is unlikely that you are going to single skating.

I’m not looking for a partner. I have no task to find her. You can probably say that I am open to suggestions, but I do not think that I can only do figure skating in this life. I do not limit myself to sports. Yes, at the moment there is a project “Ice Age” related to sports, I am completely devoted to it, but I have a desire to develop in completely different guises. Now my task is to show how Olya is progressing, this is extremely important. I came here not just to show off, to show that there is such me. It is important for me to show “we” that Olya learned to skate. And at the same time try and test new images on yourself.

How was your first meeting with Olya?

At the first training session, she was not able to do anything. There was a feeling that the person was simply afraid. Fear in the eyes, in movements, stiffness. But pretty quickly we learned to get along with those feelings. Yes, fears are always present, but this is a passing moment, I already see more confidence from her.

Combining sports and journalism is unrealistic

You talked about the lack of adrenaline, Alina Zagitova decided to look for it here. Were there any unusual emotions from the fact that Alina is interviewing you?

We all try to develop, not stop at what has been achieved only in sports. Alina tried herself as a reporter, an anchor. While she is also worried, something may not work out the first time. But it always deserves respect when a person does not just stop at winning the Olympic Games – they say, won and forgot about the rest – but she has a continuation of the story, and quite interesting.

Realistically combine sports and journalism?

No. Sport means you leave everything else and don’t get out of the ice.

Does this mean that Alina will not continue her career? 

Means nothing, I am not responsible for it.

Will you be watching the competition in this very unusual season?

I’ve always followed figure skating, I’m always interested in it. But I can’t even imagine what the new season will look like. In general, it is difficult to understand in your head that there will be no international stages of the Grand Prix, how the athletes relate to this … Now a period in our life that is quite unexpected and completely unusual for us, which we just have to go through. And from next season everything will be the same.

It is believed that now is the most convenient time to return. Everything is just a little physically disassembled.

You know, I stopped thinking about anything. I just live for today and enjoy the fact that there is work in my favorite figure skating. Today so. And tomorrow it may be completely different. I am open to suggestions.


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