Alina Zagitova after entering the Faculty of Journalism instantly became the host of Channel One. Alina Zagitova is still a unique athlete. Even without speaking, she manages to create drama around herself. Moreover, doing nothing for this. Today it became known that Zagitova has finally found her program for the upcoming season. TV program “Ice Age”. She will be co-host of Alexey Yagudin.

Alexey himself, however, admitted that he knew nothing about this. Even if this is not the case, it is clear that Channel One should officially announce the acquisition. And the transfer is really powerful – comparable to Kostornaya in Angels Plushenko. Ilya Averbukh also advised the SE correspondent to contact the channel’s management. Nevertheless, a SE source close to the organization of the TV project confirmed that Alina was coming. Returns to the ice, but with a microphone.

Can’t go back now?

And then the sacred question – does this mean the end of a career. Colleagues at Sport24, who were the first to publicize the Ice Age rumor, think so. But our sources claim that being busy on Channel One cannot radically affect the training process. The project involves four shooting a month – this is quite a feasible task for a world-class athlete who, in theory, should barely fight off media offers, travel to the offices of fashion magazines and cut waste paper from ribbons from the opening of skating rinks.

Interestingly, this is not Zagitova’s first entry into ice television history. As one of the skaters told “SE”, in winter Zagitova, along with several other active athletes, offered shooting in the “period” as rival participants. The concept with the stars, as it seemed to the producers, has outlived its usefulness, and we must try to make the program more sporty. Hotbeds had to get up with singles – and by the way, at that time, Zagitova already had pair skating experience in Tatyana Navka’s show.

But after long negotiations, Alina refused. Of the big names, the participation of Elizaveta Tuktamysheva was supposed, but then the Chinese ate the first bat, and figure skating was closed.

Will Zagitova succeed on television?

Now, it seems that the adult Zagitova has decided to immediately loudly celebrate the start of a career in journalism. But the option to pursue a career is still on the table. Daniil Gleichengauz and Alina promised new programs, 12 days remain until the test runs. While the events around Alina resemble some kind of special operation. The father resigns from the hockey club 10 days before the start of the season, while on record says that this is not true. The Olympic champion does not enter the Russian Cup and, therefore, will miss the national championship.

But the “Grand Prix” remains. This is a convenient way to show sponsors that I am still here, without losing anything. There may not be a final, and the audience coverage of the Grand Prix is ​​clearly higher than the Russian Cup. And imagine if the stage of the Russian woman is in France, where the student of Tutberidze has already performed more than once? You can win there. And we will have an amazing list of stage winners – Medvedev in Canada, Zagitova in France, one of the younger Russians in Moscow …

In a word, the last career stage in Zagitova’s career does not mean the end of her career. While she skillfully pulls the pause – even if it happens despite. The only thing is that work in such a rating project involves serious work on yourself. The experience of “Evening Urgant”, in which Alina modestly withdrew from the discussion, is unlikely to be appropriate here. But the teachers of the still acting figure skater are good – Alexey Yagudin, who during the quarantine turned into the main figure showman of All Russia, and the first-channel staff will provide first-class assistance.

If Zagitova took up journalism seriously, she made a good choice. This practice will be the envy of any of her classmates.


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